WP Plugins Issue

What to Do When a WordPress Plugin Causes an Error

  •    plugins are at the heart of wordpress’s success. a plugin is simply a series of functions that can be added to your wordpress website to extend its functionality. many theme developers choose to add this additional code through wordpress themes, however plugins are a more practical solution for most website owners as they can be switched on and off.
  •    This is the most popular feature of WordPress.

How, What, & Why

  •    The plugin is badly coded.
  •    The plugin is well-coded, however it conflicts with another plugin on your website.
  •    The plugin is well-coded, however it conflicts with your WordPress theme.
  •    The plugin clashes with WordPress itself.

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Some Useful Plugins To Secure Your WordPress Website:-

WordPress Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

  •    SEO by Yoast
  •    Google XML Sitemap
  •    All in One SEO Pack

WordPress Caching Plugins

  •    W3 Total Cache
  •    WP Super Cache
  •    All in One SEO Pack

WordPress Google Adsense

  •    Google Adsence Plugins
  •    Google Adsense insertion
  •    Adsence Deluxe

WordPress Image Content Slider

  •    WP Slider Plugin
  •    Content Slide
  •    Easy Slider

Login Forms

  •    Front End Login Forms
  •    Redirect to Homepage
  •    WordPress Login Box

WordPress PHP Code Widget

  •    PHP Code Widgets
  •    WordPress-Ticker
  •    WordPress Newsticker

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